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"Tendon Recommended"!!!

November, 2009: Our current YouTube Channels:
Bruce+Jim=Four Squeezins' Channel

Handwhistler Ben's Channel

Jim's Pumpster999 Channel


The Gaston/Purcell website is an excellent guide to “manualism” featuring

downloadable hands and access to the full length CD

“Amazing Feats on Musical Hands”, the only CD of its kind!

Jim Rotondo's Web Design Site


The official website of comedian Grover Silcox, ex-feature reporter for

FOX Philadelphia’s “Good Day Philadelphia”

Click the "Finger Flute Websites" logo
to enter this Japanese-based world class club!

Click here for the Official Website of "The Whistler"
A refreshing guide to the art as well as many worldwide links!

Click here for Hand Whistler Jeremy Shafer's Website
Another World-Class Hand Whistling Site!


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