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Going, Going, Gone With the Wind!!!

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A Three Tendons Slideshow Tribute

Behind the Scenes-Tonight Show

Ben's Email Address is: Handchamber@yahoo.com


“Gone With the Wind”


In December of the year 2000 AD the search for the

“Third Tendon” was signed, sealed, and delivered by

the greatest Handwhistler Virtuoso of our generation, namely

Ben “Gone With the Wind” Brenner.  The proud owner of a

 Master’s Degree in Performance on Bassoon,

 Ben has also mastered the piano, tenor sax,

 recorder, and vocals for all musical styles.

With the ability to read opera and classical music on sight,

this virtuoso is legendary for his dynamics, phrasing,

amazing duration of notes, and perfect pitch, thus the

“Hand Chamber Blowist” for the “Three Tendons”

is the backbone for harmonies and key accuracy. 

Ben’s gifted hands produce a “toot”.  While the cavity of the chamber is compressed or relaxed the 2 ˝ octave range is manifested.  In 35 years of playing, Ben can locate any note from the highest notes to the lowest in the twinkling of an eye just as a violinist would stroke a note from a string. 

Mr. Brenner’s professional wind control and

diaphragmatic vibrato has blended perfectly with

 fellow Tendons Bruce Gaston and Jim Rotondo.

Ben is also a professional jugger and enjoys playing

the “Turkish March” on the cheeks of his face.

In addition to appearing on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”

with the “Three Tendons”, Ben also appeared on

“The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson” in 1979 when

David Letterman was a guest host and gave Doc Severinson

personal lessons on the show.  That same year Ben was seen

on the “Mike Douglas Show” with the entire cast of

“WKRP in Cincinnati”, performing his trademark song

“What Kind of Fool Am I?” next to Loni Anderson!!!

“Evening Magazine” also did an excellent segment on

Mr. Brenner that year with all 2 and ˝ octaves

penetrating the airwaves from the future Tendon’s hands.

He also performed at the Lincoln Center with

Peter Schickele’s P.D.Q.Bach Show.

In May, 2001 Ben's incredible timing and accuracy surpassed
all human expectations when he performed Leroy Anderson's
"Bugler's Holiday" with the Pottstown Symphony Orchestra
before 600 amazed classical music lovers in the legenday
Sunnybrook Ballroom, Pottstown, PA.
Ben is currently a resident of Philadelphia, PA and is a

music teacher for the Philadelphia School District

when he’s not performing for SRO crowds with the Tendons!


Enjoy Ben's rendition of "Danny Boy"
with guitar accompaniment by Ken Purcell, via Real Audio

Enjoy Ben's presentation of "O Sole Mio" via Real Audio

Download Real Audio (BASIC Real Player is FREE)

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