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Classic REAL PLAYER samples from Jim Rotondo's Archives:

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First of six
"Good Day Philadelphia"

With "Donny & Marie".
I was blind for 3 weeks.
Those Osmond teeth.

"Tire Pump & Circumstance"
Abridged version of
Elgar's Graduation Classic
Many more videos available at Jim's Video Theatre

Jim's Complete Radio & TV History available at Jim Rotondo's TV Bio.

Jim Rotondo's CD Single "Hand Squeezed & Tired of Pumps"
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The "Italian Virtuoso" was born in Philadelphia, PA many, many years ago and resided in Southern California from July 2, 1970 thru July 5, 1990. It was here that his gift of "manualism" was born, the unique ability to play songs by simply squeezing the palms of his hands together (that's "handfart" music to my Southern friends...). "Luciano" can also play songs by controlling the air flow from the nozzle of a bicycle tire pump (K-Mart Black, $9.99). The Maestro has performed in many comedy clubs, churches, retirement homes, prisons and TV Shows. Pavaroddy's musical comedy act can be 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, 30, and 45 minutes in length and can be customized for virtually any occasion or audience of any age. In December of 2000 Jim joined forces with "The Handman" Bruce Gaston, and World-Class Hand Whistler Ben Brenner to form "The Three Tendons". This trio appeared on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" on February 15, 2001. The rest is history -- cause herstory is too long.

We Finally Found the Long Lost Pavaroddy Tracks via Real Audio!
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Real Audio Song TitleDetails
Green Acres Summer, 2001 on my laptop's Sound Recorder.
Constipated Green Acres Don't like prunes? This will help, I guarantee it...
"25 of 6 to 4" Hands, Lead Tirepump, Chipmunk Vocals, 1999.
"Colour My World" Just the Tirepump Solo with Hand accompaniment, 1999.
"The Entertainer" Hand Squeezed with Piano accompaniment, 2000.
"Over the Rainbow" Tire Pump w/ accompaniment by Carmen J. Rotondo (Dad), 2000.
"Tire Pump & Circumstance"

Accompanied by
The Hooterville Rubber Band
The Class of 2002 will be sorry they graduated!

"Tire Pump and Circumstance"

JJ Cool L surrounded by Hans Solo
Hear Verse 1 of JJ Cool L's "Shootin' Blanks Rap"
circa 1985, via Real Audio.

TV Shows Comedy Clubs Other Venues
"Tonight Show with Jay Leno"
"Good Day Philadelphia", 6x
"Donny & Marie Show"
"Philly After Midnight" on ABC
"Angelo Live" on Comcast
"ABC News" w/ Don Polec
"NBC News" w/ Siani Lee
"Real TV" on the WB Network
"America's Funniest Videos"
"The Gong Show" on CBS
"The Laff Stop", Newport Beach, CA
"The Hideaway", Huntington Beach, CA
"Via Maria's", Cypress, CA
"Icabod Crane", Torrance, CA
"Comedy Loft", various in PA
"Comedy Cabaret", various in PA/NJ
"Club HP", Philadelphia, PA
"Spaghetti Warehouse", Phila., PA
"Murphy's Tavern", Westville, NJ
"Grover Silcox Comedy Shows",PA/NJ
"Sidesplitters", Langhorne, PA
Medford Lakes, NJ Country Club
"Velvet Club", Maple Shade, NJ
National Park Firehouse, NJ
Lancaster Host Hotel, PA
Several Retirement Homes
Several Churches & Prisons
Corporate Events/Fundraisers
Tweeter Center, Camden, NJ
Pottstown Symphony Orchestra
Beaver College, PA

Master Song List
I Love Lucy
Green Acres
Andy Griffith
The Entertainer
M*A*S*H Theme
I Dream of Jeannie
Blue Danube
Auld Lang Syne
The Wedding March
Sweet Georgia Brown
Star Spangled Banner
Bridge on the River Kwai
Purple Haze
Sunshine of Your Love
Over the Rainbow
The Elephant Walk
Eleanor Rigby/Penny Lane
Take Me Out to the Ballgame
I Cut My Fart in San Francisco

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