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NOTE: The Three Tendons do have demanding jobs you know...
2 professional educators and 1 computer programmer, AND we're family men also...
BUT, we still have time to make YOUR event extremely memorable
and we're more AFFORDABLE than you may think!
(though we won't settle for peanuts (outside of this Charlie Brown theme!))
Your audience will remember us for years! Having said that, Contact Us Now!

August 28, 2002 "30 Seconds to Fame" on FOX, 8pm to 9pm
August 28, 2002 WIP 610 Radio - Sports Talk with Angelo Cataldi, 8am to 10am
August 10th to ??? (ongoing) The Three Tendons very own 15 Second Commercial for "30 Seconds to Fame" on FOX ("3 Men, Wearing Tuxedos, Holding Hands...")





June 2, 2001                   WXTU Anniversary Extravaganza (All 3 Tendons)

                                                             Live at the “Tweeter Center”, Camden, NJ 

                                                             (THIS COUNTRY CROWD DUG THE TENDONS…and will

                                                               continue to as long as corndogs & baked beans are at the top of

                                                               the country food group!)


May 19, 2001                 Special Appearance with the

                                        Pottstown Symphony Orchestra (All 3 Tendons)

                                                             (HIGH SOCIETY DIGS THE TENDONS ALSO…We gave them

                                                              Funiculi Funicula, Flintstones, Love Me Tendon, a patriotic medley,

                                                              and Leroy Anderson’s “Bugler’s Holiday”, 600 changed lives…)



April 16, 2001                WIP 610 “Live with Angelo”, 8am

                                        Three Tendons in the Studio  (All 3 Tendons)



April 14, 2001                The Comedy Loft  (Bruce/Jim in Montgomeryville, PA)


March 31, 2001             Comedy Loft, Quakertown,PA (All 3 Tendons)


March 24, 2001             Allentown, PA , opening for

                                        “Trout Fishing in America” (All 3 Tendons)



March 23, 2001             Allentown, PA, opening for

                                                            “Trout Fishing in America” (Gaston & Purcell)



March 4, 2001                "Don Polec’s World" on ABC News (All 3 Tendons)



February 15, 2001         “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” (All 3 Tendons)


Hear the 3 Tendons on the "Tonight Show" via Real Audio!


December 20, 2000         "Philly After Midnight" (Ben and Bruce)



December 17, 2000         "Angelo Live" on Comcast (All 3 Tendons)


The Tendons "break" before every gig...