Is the Low-Fat, High-Carb Diet Mantra a Myth?

In the fight against fat many battle-scarred veterans, for most of their lives, have struggled to lose weight with one low-fat diet after another. But new research has dieters questioning the accuracy of the low-fat diet advice many of us have take to heart.

"Jane Doe", 46, did lose weight, but she always gained it back. In the past year alone she has regained 50 pounds. No wonder she's thrown in the towel and is now trying a diet that seems sinful. It's high in fat ad low in carbohydrates. But to do this, she's had to get over years of brainwashing that says fat is bad. "You have to de-program yourself to thinking in a different way, that maybe something else is going to work."

Jane is part of a diet revolution that is sweeping the country. That's because for the past 30 years, while Americans have been religiously following low-fat diets, they've actually been getting fatter. But "What If Fat Doesn't Make You Fat?" asks science writer Gary Taubes in a recent New York Times article in which he addresses what he considers the bad science that's lured millions to low-fat diets.

"What we believe to be true with such certainty could just be a sort of mass delusion, wishful thinking that the medical establishment inflicted on us, and it just snowballed," Taubes told 20/20 in an interview with ABC NEWS medical editor Dr. Timothy Johnson.

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