Insults 2

Go take a good shit!
You'll feel a lot better!
Va' a fare una bella cacata!
Ti sentirai meglio.
(vah ah FAH-ray OON-ah BEH-lah kah-KAH-tah.
Tee SEHN-tee-RY-ee MEHL-yoh)
Mind your own business!
Fatti i fatti tuoi!
(FAH-tee ee FAH-tee TOY-ee)

You stink!
Tu puzzi!
(too POOT-zee)
The hell with you!
Va' al diavolo!
(vah ahl dee-AH-voh-loh)

Go to Hell! (The Horns)
Va' all' inferno!
(vah ahl een-FEHR-noh)
Damn you!
Mannaggia a te!
(man-NAH-jah ah tay)

Up yours!
Va fa'n culo!
(vah fahn KOO-loh)
Now, get lost!
Ora, vattene!
(OH-rah VAH-tay-nay)

He was a good man.
Era un buon uomo.
(EH-rah oon bwohn WOH-moh)