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HTML, aka Hypertext Markup Language, is the language of the Internet and the World Wide Web. It is the common language necessary for all computers to communicate with each other. HTML can be generated by Web Development software such as Dreamweaver and Front Page, or it can authored from scratch using Note Pad. This tutorial site is designed to teach the aspiring web developer to code from scratch and enable them to create new sites as well as update sites created with the above mentioned software. Currently 1/3 of Pavaroddy's customers were contracted out to update existing sites created by these software programs and whose authors could not update them once created. With that said, we highly recommend learning to make "soup from scratch" with Note Pad, a seemingly weak program on the surface, but in the end, very lucrative for your efforts. You may ask "How great is the need for web developers?" Approximately 80,000 web sites are launched DAILY and well over a ZILLION or so in existence. Somebody's got to create them. Somebody's got to update them.
While this web site tutorial can get you up and running on the road to web design, it's certainly not the entire ball of wax! By all means invest in yourself by checking out the Resources page that contains a listing of helpful web sites and books.

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