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A special word of thanks, not only to the Cream for making "Christmas in May" possible, but to all the die-hard Cream fans who have contributed their time, thoughts, pictures & "goodies" to the forums at THIS project's goal (where you are now) was to gather the fans' photos into one location (as opposed to spread out over hundreds of message boards) and economize them (lessen their loading time) for web-friendly purposes. Did I expect to get over 1,000 hits in the first week? Does Clapton play clarinet? Then I noticed in the Site Statistics that a large number of hits were originating from Jack Bruce's Official Website's News Page! You gotta be kiddin' me! Jack Bruce referring people to ME for Cream Reunion pictures? I must be the new Mountain! Anyway, thanks to the folks below for their kind words. The Manualist.

Photo Credits: AP, BBC (Home & First Night top), Paul Olsen (Last Night), Pictorial Press & LFI (B&W's) & the many Cream fan donors, especially Renato, MondayTuesday, Wizardfaus, SimonN, Pressed Rat, LB, Hook, Hamster Sam & Len from NJ (Your Pix 1 thru 4).

Much thanks to WasThere for the 13 minutes of RAH video from May 5, 2005.

We're also indebted to AlohaSteve for 7+ minutes of RAH video from May 3, 2005.

Much thanks to Ande2005 for the new & improved Dominoes' clip and Eric in Philly, 1995 clip.

Recent Visitors:

Hello there, Pavaroddy! Just wanted to thank you for the great stuff your website gives access to, especially the video clips. I've been a Cream fan since their first album and I've also been following Eric's, Jack's and Ginger's post-Cream careers and achievements. Your website really brings back a lot of nice memories and sort of takes me back almost 40 years - who could have imagined e.g. in 1967 that in about 38 years, people would again be very enthusiastic about the trio, exchange comments about a recent concert via computers and would even be able to find Cream-related stuff on a computer network!

Best regards,
Oulu, Finland

Great site, thanx, and God bless!
Ruud van den Akker,
Jim, an absolutely fantastic website!!! On it everyday!!! Great work!!! Wish I could say something different from what everybody else is saying about your website, but it is just simply fantastic. I love it!!! You're definitely up there with the greats Graeme, Eddy, and Derek!!! Keep up the great work!!!
Best Regards, Herb
Webmaster's Note: Herb, you DID say something different---18 Exclamation Points! A new record!
The YEAR OF THE CREAM deserves 18 Exclamation Points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I actually just wanted to send you this email to let you know how much I enjoyed your "Many Faces of.." website. It cracked me up! Also wanted to let you know that I dig your website about that little band know one's ever heard of...Cream, is it? Yeah, awesome site. I'm one of the few non-40 year olds frequenting it (I'm 20), so usually when people my age ask me who my favorite band is and I reply "Cream", they haven't a clue who I'm speaking of. Kinda sad...

I especially love the page you've set aside for the MSG show. I'm already starting to pick up extra hours at my part-time job and setting aside some dough for my airfare/hotel/ticket. Anyway, keep up the great webpages and continue crossing your fingers for a possible US reunion!
Greetings Pavaroddy!
Enjoying your website very, very much. I’ve been a Cream fan since I first walked home from school in 1968 in step to “Sunshine Of Your Love” (15 at the time, 10th grade; I’m 51 now). My, how time passes! I have all the albums (even 2 copies of the “eggplant” greatest hits LP­ and, of course all the legit CD’s. My son & I play in a band together 10 yrs, he’s now 23, a drummer, I’m a bass player. Got into bass because of Jack Bruce – not McCartney, not Entwistle – Jack Bruce! He’s a drummer, his heroes are Dave Grohl, the guy from the band “Live”, and – Ginger Baker.
Great Site!..I couldn't go to any of the shows....couldn't get tickets..but that's a whole new can o' worms to open...Hopefully I'll be here next time.
Location: Baltimore
Location: NYC
Thank you for putting up the Cream site !!!!
I just can't resist visiting daily!
Best Regards
Location: Stockholm
From asmodeus:
A big hand for Manualist for posting the Dominos video. Simply marvellous! I read about this performance years ago and heard an audio version of this material on a Dominos bootleg a few years back. To see the actual performance is a joy. Great sound quality: EC, Brownie and an old Fender Twin achieve a wonderfully effortless tone.
Location: St Andrews, UK
From CitiesofHeart:
Thanks for putting those video clips on that site! I saw the Johnny Cash show clip maybe in the 80s on Vh1 or MTV or something, and always wanted to watch it again. I love the trading licks with Carl Perkins, and now having that later Carl Perkins special on DVD (where EC and Carl do Matchbox again) I had to seek that out to watch again, but didn't find it to buy or trade. I played it like 4 or 5 times in a row now. It was so thrilling to see the D&B stuff too.
Location: USA
From Clapton9286:
Holy COW!! That was Derek and the Dominos!!!!
The Cream may not be too fresh, but sure does it taste good!
Location: Philadelphia, PA
From strat:
The Manualist, What a treat! Thank you a million times! Gosh, Brownie had quite the twang!
Location: Keene Valley, NY
From ProfWacko:
What a treat...thanks for posting that!
Location: NB, Canada
From jt:
That Dominos clip is wonderful! Thanks for posting it. BTW, after seeing the Friday show at RAH, I vote for "still peaking."
Location: CT, USA
From Mike B.:
Thanks for the link to your site. Fantastic!
We'll have a sleepy time time.
Location: Tennessee, by way of NYC

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