Black & Whites
Excellent picture and description by
Cream2005 member HsosDrum:

I've always been partial to live photos. I came-across this one a few months ago. It was taken in March of 1968 at a concert in Phoenix (I saw them the previous night in L.A.). Although Jack isn't in the photo (it was taken during Ginger's solo in "Toad") there are a couple of elements that, to me, give it particular emotional impact. The first is Eric sitting on the stage behind his amps, intently watching Ginger play. What's so special about this is that the photo was taken during their second US tour, which is when all the bickering really reached a peak. By then Eric had probably seen Ginger play hundreds of drum solos, yet he's still enthralled by the master's playing, and still chose to stick-around to watch. The second is Jack's microphone hanging off its stand. No doubt he was in a hurry to lose the mic and put his bass on in the very short time between the end of "Traintime" and the beginning of "Toad", and he didn't get the mic all the way back into the holder, so it slipped off. A couple of things that make this a very human picture. Also, note the single mic on Ginger's drums. No wonder he complained all the time about volume.

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