A "Legend" in The Big Apple

Well folks......you may or may not be wondering........is there a let down after that amazing week in New York. My answer to that self asked question is an unequivical.....NO. In retrospect the joy only grows, grows and keeps on growing. What can I say??? I LOVE CREAM. And now with the boots of all three MSG gigs and a bit of Video thrown in for good measure, and continued contact with some wonderful people from the boards, I am still in Heaven.

Do I look happy or what????? {standing in rear between two gorgeous women}. Left to right me in the mirror {Oh horror of horrors. Now that's scary}, Steve Whelchel, Gina Whelchel, me again, Piera, and Eric front and center with that terrific shirt.

Just look at the memory in that pic!!!!!!!
Unforgettable and I intend to stay in close contact with those folks indefinately........
The gigs were one thing........incredible..........and the sights of New York another:

But the best memories are and will be the continuing friendships and relationships I hope to retain with so many of these superb folks

To those of you who didn't make it in these photos, my apologies.....................

So whats next on the agenda for this creative writing enthusiast???????

Well......tonight I will be attending another classic rock show in my birth town of Seattle Washington. At the Paramount Theater at 7:30 p.m. The Moody Blues will take the stage. 4 of us, My wife Chris and I and a pair of work friends will be meeting in Seattle in a few hours for dinner and on to the show. It will most likely seem like a string quartet compared to the improvisational power of Cream but Hey.......What the fuck..........its still classic era music from another wing of the British Invasion. Should be a blast. I will comment on it later even though this is technically a Cream site. Perhaps Jim The Manualist will let me write a few lines to that show if I suck up to him a little bit. Whatdya say Jimmy my boy!!!! {actually Jim has been amazing......never has he edited any of my idiocy out of this column {if you can call it that} and has always been an easy and supportive employer.....oh by the way Jim.........my paycheck bounced again....whats up with that Happy Crappy???}.

{Chris and I}

So I will bid you adieu.....for now.....constant readers.....until later.....or sooner as the case may be....

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