In Loving Memory of Jack Bruce --- May 14, 1943-October 25, 2014
An Extraordinary Man, Musician, Composer, Bassist and Vocalist
who inspired countless musicians, most notably EC himself.
In Loving Memory of Ginger Baker --- August 19, 1939-October 6, 2019
The Greatest Drummer this world will ever bear witness to.
"God Saved The Cream"

From November 27, 1968
to May 1, 2005
there was a Cream shortage.
On May 2, 2005 they returned--
and were amazingly sharp.
Well worth the wait.
Still the best.
Jack Bruce Ginger Baker Eric Clapton
October 30, 2014: In retrospect, the 2005 Cream Reunion was quite an improbable and miraculous event in view of the fact that reunions were no longer possible for such legendary bands as The Beatles, The Who, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, and of course The Jimi Hendrix Experience. Those of us fortunate enough to have spent any of these 7 special evenings with Cream in 2005 are extremely blessed and better off for it. We now have closure.

Re-Live Cream created by Ghostmojo.

Welcome to our "CREAM PLAYGROUND" of over 4 HOURS of (pre-YouTube) VIDEO & AUDIO.

Launched May 11, 2005, this site is maintained by The Manualist in South Jersey where
"If it wasn't for crabgrass, I wouldn't have no grass at all."

THIS SITE IS FROZEN IN TIME, CIRCA 2005, in original condition like my '64 Lefty SG.
We were extremely honored when linked to this site
on May 15, 2005, now in the News Archive section.

Cream RAH "Then and Now" donated by Windsor1966

The "Unofficial Cream 2005 Reunion Poster"
compliments of Cream2005 Member Ghostmojo.
Brilliant! And it matches our background...


To promote the CREAM, creators of the most powerful music on Earth.
To economize fan contributions of pictures, videos, etc... new & old, for fast loading.
To denounce the pathetic Music Industry of the past few decades that offered
Lip Syncing, Choreography & Eye Candy to sell their worthless records.
To promote the CREAM, creators of the most powerful music on Earth.


Ginger speeding? FINALLY found this gem in the basement.
Either October 18 or 19, 1968. Thanx to Eddie in Anaheim.

"The Cream of the Cream Fans", the Official Members of .
*Note: To the non-Americans, the above tourist attraction is Mount Rushmore,
located somewhere Leslie West of the Mississippi Queen on a Mountain.

Coming Soon to a theater near you: "The Best of Cream Story"
Starring Dennis Hopper, Chris Barron of the Spin Doctors, and Joe Dirt.
Based on typical Cream solos, the movie is 7 1/2 hours long.

Not many are aware with behavioral advertising. People who are old to hosting might have heard of the offers from various netfirms, particularly hostgator. This is basically targeted advertising for consumers.

If you've already read Rick Miller's 2,034-Word DVD Review ,
check out The Manualist's 99-Word DVD Review.
(Yes, MS Word verified the Word count. I love stats.)

Right-click and "Save Link As" on the incredible tracks below to save to your pc or device.
"I'm So Glad" from the Detroit Grand Ballroom, 10-15-67 (9:38 / 15.8MB mp3
This track features the "1812 Overture" riff at about the 6:40 mark. Donated by Mystic7.
"Sunshine Of Your Love" from the Back Bay Theater, 1968 (17:13 / 28.2MB mp3
Sizzling track, posted it for my lunch breaks @ work. Donated by Mystic7.

Your Donated Video Clips:
To download any clips, Right-click on the link and then "Save Link As" onto your computer.

FIRST VIDEO GEM (5th row) from MSG - Donated by ECned,
"Tales of Brave Ulysses" from Wednesday, October 26, 2005.
Tales-Cream10-26-05.wmv (23MB / 3:38)

Compare 2005 to 1967 below:
TalesOfBraveUlysses-RevolutionClub1967.wmv (15.8MB/3:44)

MSG Tuesday, October 25th video from the UK - Donated by Ditto:

StormyMonday-10-25-05-Ditto.wmv (28MB / 7:03)

CreamMontage10-25-05-Ditto.wmv (39MB / 9:50)

DesertedCitiesOfTheHeart-10-25-05-Ditto.wmv (16MB / 3:59)

More MSG Wed., Oct. 26th Video from the floor - Donated by MSG68:

"Outside Woman Blues" from Wednesday, October 26, 2005
MSG68's Original 4.8MB / 3:34 MPG of "Outside Woman Blues"

"Badge/Politician" from Wednesday, October 26, 2005
MSG68's Original 11.5MB / 8:49 MPG of "Badge/Politician"

"Sleepy Time Time" from Wednesday, October 26, 2005
MSG68's Original 7.3MB / 5:38 MPG of "Sleepy Time Time"

"Crossroads" from Wednesday, October 26, 2005
MSG68's Original 5MB / 3:51 MPG of "Crossroads"

The last 2:38 of "Stormy Monday" from Wednesday, October 26, 2005
MSG68's Original 3.5MB MPG of "Stormy Monday"

"Sunshine Farewell" from Wednesday, October 26, 2005
MSG68's Original 10.8MB / 8:19 MPG of "Sunshine Farewell"

Donated by MSG68, "Sunshine" on October 26th:

5 More pix from MSG68 from October 26th below:

Eric's appearance w/ the Stones on 12-19-89, "Little Red Rooster"
in Atlantic City, NJ (donated by The Manualist's 1984 Sanyo Betamax)

RedRooster-EC-Stones-12-19-89.wmv (19MB / 6:18)

(From the David Letterman Show, February 9, 1990 - 23MB / 5:37)

Eric & George Harrison perform "Taxman", 1991 (donated by Ande2006)
EC-George-Taxman1991.wmv (15MB / 4:03)

Eric's appearance on "Nightlife", 1986 (donated by The Manualist's 1984 Sanyo Betamax)
EC-NightlifeTVshow1986-2.wmv (30MB / 17:34)
Features "It's In The Way That You Use It", interview w/ David Brenner, and "Miss You".
The "Nightlife" band is led by Billy Preston.

Ginger Baker's Airforce Video: Beat Club, 1970
GingerBakersAirforce-BeatClub1970.wmv (25MB / 12:57)
Donated by RopeLadder via Murillo Mathias @
Features "Sunshine", Jam and Drum Solo. TOO COOL. GREAT quality!

Donated by ALOHA STEVE, (4:45 / 19MB)
98% of "Born Under A Bad Sign" from May 3, 2005.


Donated by ALOHA STEVE,
The beginning of "Sunshine" to the end of the solo from May 3, 2005. (4:17 / 19MB)


From Oulu, Finland, donated by Pentti,
BB King, EC, Phil Collins & Paul Butterfield perform "The Thrill is Gone" from 1987. (6:54 / 18.4 MB)


Our ongoing "anything & everything Cream" theme continues with a Steve Martin clip
(2:04 / 3.9MB) with WOF's "Spoonful" in the background.
Steve Martin's "The Land That Time Forgot", circa 1984.

David Letterman's "Museum of Rock & Roll", circa mid-80's, features CREAM! Vintage Dave.
Go to the "Museum of Rock & Roll" page now.

In the '70's "Reefer Madness" often opened for the "Farewell Concert of the Cream".
We've posted the Ralph Wiley-goes-insane-play-it-faster scene here.
Go to the Reefer Madness page now.

Original Farewell Concert of the Cream 11/26/68 (1:09)

EC Performs "Don't Think Twice, It's Alright" at Dylan's 30th.
Go to the Dylan page now.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT, member "WasThere"
contributed nearly 13 minutes of video from May 5th weighing in at 196MB.

Song segments include Spoonful, Badge, White Room & Sunshine.
Thanx for inviting us to your seat WasThere!

Another 2:47 of Cream Clips from Monday, May 2 (7.2MB)

(Via MondayTuesday via Full downloads at (106MB).
Footage includes 30 second clips of Born Under a Bad Sign, Outside Woman Blues, Toad & applause.
Honestly couldn't understand the site or find the video, thus we've combined them here.

EC-Cryin' Christmas Tears Video & The Manualist's/Four Squeezins Christmas Medleys Here!

Our Derek & The Dominoes on the "Johnny Cash Show" 11/5/70 video
is now NEW & IMPROVED thanks to Cream2005 Member Ande2005.

Jack & Eric Reunion footage in 1987 (Bravo Profiles).

For those of you not familiar with "Manualism", it's Hand-Squeezed or "Hand-Fart Music".

I've been honored to appear on "The Tonight Show", "Good Day Philadelphia" 6x,
"Donny & Marie" & others. NOW my HANDS have been inspired by the Cream Reunion.
This is for the Cream Loonies:


Jimi's "Star Spangled Banner" on Bicycle Tire Pump.
Section still features "Fire", "Purple Haze" and "Voodoo Chile"
in addition to "Politician", "Outside Woman Blues" & "Sunshine".

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