The Year That Was...1970

On the Survey "The Year EC Peaked":

39% said 1968. And they were right.
32% said "Still peaking". They were right.
21% said 1970. They too are correct.

As we begin to investigate 1970, we obviously consider:

and several other legendary sessions that included:

(Hear Eric's Solo on Stephen Stills' "Go Back Home")
The Crickets, Fleetwood Mac, King Curtis, Music Fom Free Creek
Ashton, Gardner & Dyke, Jonathan Kelly, Billy Preston, Jesse Ed Davis
Traffic, Duane Allman, John Mayall And The Bluesbreakers
Buddy Guy And Junior Wells, James Luther Dickinson
The Rolling Stones (Sticky Fingers Sessions) and Yoko Ono.
(Source Eric Clapton's Session History )

No longer "just a guitarist".

But a Singer, a Songwriter,
and a

A Complete Performer
in the year that was...1970.

Derek & The Dominoes w/ Duane Allman 12/1/70

UNUSED Dominoes stub...asking price is $275...not from me though...

Hear "Layla" from this gig streaming via Real Player.
(Cream2005 Member Chas' MP3 version of this rare gem is available at

Much thanks to Waka for this picture and the story below:

The intro to this show (12/1/70) has the guy at the venue introducing them as "Ernest" Clapton. Dickey was not there onstage-Duane took some time off the road with his own band to make this gig. Do know some of their roadies were there, as I believe this pic was taken by Twiggs Lyndon or Red Dog. I think Duane played with them one more time, but no tape has surfaced. There was an interview done with Eric regarding Duane/The Dominos, that was published on Hittin' the Note(the ABB magazine). Talks about how he tried to pry him away from his band-I think he also asked Neil Schon if he would join after he played with them on 11/19/70-this tape is a worthwhile listen. Also heard Jesse Ed Davis played with the Dominos at a gig. Layla was rarely played during their tour-also on 11/29/70-which exists on a rough audience recording. But this show is worth hearing b/c it has a rare, rare Bell Bottom Blues with the Dominos.

See Derek & The Dominoes on the Johnny Cash Show, 11/5/70
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