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Flintstones/Funiculi, Funicula

Over The Rainbow

I Wanna Hold Your Hand

Classic Rock Medley

The Mexican Hat Dance

Frere Jacques
The Four Squeezins + Larry Schwarz = "The Pennsylvania Hand Band" on the first 3 below.
Well, truth be told, we weren't required to audition for "America's Got Talent". They called us for a DVD.
Many, MANY acts like us, are flown out to be destroyed. 97 out of the 168 to be exact.
But we had a great time in Hollywood taping the "New York auditions", LOL. Don't believe what you see on TV!
The 2 washed up Brits & the Drunk had a bad day in front of a studio audience of paid extras...that's Hollyweird.

Ob La Di Ob La Da

Actual AGT Appearance 6/26/07

Under My Thumb

Christmas Medley 1

Christmas Medley 2

Here Comes Santa Claus

Up on the Housetop

O Holy Night

Hava Nagila

Sweet Georgia Brown

God Bless America

Golden Slippers

Halls of Montezuma/Caissons

Hail to the Chief

O Susanna

Love Meat Tender


Gastric Jeopardy

Blue Danube

Green Acres/Andy Griffith

Michigan Wolverines Fight Song!

Eagles Fight Song!

Notre Dame Fight Song!

Bruce's Hand-Squeezed Anthem

OUR National Anthem

Jimi Handtrix's Anthem on Pump

Elgar's Graduation Classic:
"Pump & Circumstance"

HOW We Play our Hands
(a tutorial to get
your kids in trouble)

Behind the Scenes of the Tonight Show
w/ "The Three Tendons"
(Bruce, Jim & Ben Brenner)

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