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Manualists Bruce "The Handman" Gaston and Jim "Jimi Handtrix" Rotondo have joined forces to form the WORLD'S premiere Manualist Duo, squeezing out unthinkable music with the part-time assistance of a $9.99 Bicycle Tire Pump. Thus, daydreaming in Junior High to funny fart sounds, a few notes, an octave, 2 octaves, to ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MTV, FOX, The Tonight Show & a zillion radio shows--HAVE finally paid off!

January 24-31, 2018 The Four Squeezins "Eagles Fight Song" appears on NBC TV and 2 Philadelphia radio shows: WMMR's "Preston & Steve Show" & WIP's "Morning Show with Angelo Cataldi (live in the studio). Jim's "The Brady Crunch" video also goes viral.
March 30, 2016 The Four Squeezins made their 2nd appearance on NBC's "America's Got Talent" performing "Hava Nagila" to Howie Mandell's approval.
November 1, 2015: HOLY HAVA NAGILA Batman, it has just been brought to our attention that The Four Squeezins are featured in the major motion picture "Hava Nagila - The Movie". We are shown at the one hour mark right after the Leonard Nimoy and Neil Diamond segments. This movie currently has an 89% approval rating on RottenTomatoes.com. Below is a screen shot of our appearance. Click on it and see our full rendition of The Hava Nagila.
April 25, 2010 The Four Squeezins taped a feature segment on Don Polec's World to be aired nationally in the U.S.
June 4, 2008 The Four Squeezins were featured on "The Best House 1-2-3" on the Fuji TV Network in Japan.
Oct. 7, 2007 The Four Squeezins were featured on CW's "Online Nation"
Summer, 2007 CH SAT.1 in Hamburg, Germany. Features Jimi Handtrix's Star Spangled Banner on Tire Pump.
Summer, 2007 "Totally Viral" on UKTV-G2 in London, England. Features several Four Squeezins' videos.
July 24, 2007 We were LIVE on The Preston & Steve Show on Philly's 93.3 WMMR. Missed it? Click here! (Real Player)
July2-31, 2007 Jimi Handtrix is featured on Comcast ON DEMAND � simply go to:
The Cutting Edge > Ziddio > Ziddiography > Tony Soprano Orders From Tofu Deli
June 26/30, 2007 NBC's "America's Got Talent" with the Pennsylvania Hand Band.
April 17-May 28, 2007 Jimi Handtrix on Comcast ON DEMAND TV, HBO's Comedy Festival/Ziddio in Aspen.
Nov. 27, 2006 We were LIVE on The Preston & Steve Show on Philly's 93.3 WMMR. Missed it? Click here! (Real Player)
Nov. 26, 2006 We were LIVE on CN8's "Your Morning" on Black Friday. Missed it? Click here! (WMV 4:58/21mb)
Sept. 24, 2006 A new project named "The Four Squeezins" is born.

The Four Squeezins with the entire cast of "The Preston & Steve Show".

On tour in Seattle...yep, we work on tips.

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