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Inspired by the first known Manualist, Cecil Dill and the world's most famous Manualist, John Twomey, Bruce Gaston began making hand music in 1968 and Jim Rotondo followed suit in 1972. Gaston & Purcell crossed paths w/ Jim in 1999 at the Extreme Gong Auditions and in 2001 Bruce & Jim formed The Three Tendons w/ Hand Whistler Ben Brenner and appeared on The Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno, the icing on a cake that had already gotten exposure on ALL the major networks and a ton of radio appearances. What, you want specific shows? OK. You may have seen Bruce & Jim together or individually on the following: Good Day Philadelphia 7x, AFV 2x, Philly After Midnight, MTV's Oddville, 30 Seconds to Fame, Angelo Cataldi Live, Donny & Marie, NBC10's "10!", Don Polec's World on ABC, CNN News, The Tonight Show, and of course the old Gong Show.
So Yada Yada Yada, this historical Manual Reunion of 2006 has gathered world-wide attention on Sites all over the world, in languages we don't know, have featured our handiwork. Enjoy your visit! -JR

Left: Bruce, Jim & the Mrs. w/ Jay Leno.

Above: The legendary Gaston & Purcell duo.

Center: Jim saluting another sellout crowd.

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