The "Clapton Collection Essentials"

Very rare Blindfaith ticket stub, compliments of Nick Rotondo!

#1 "Derek & the Dominoes Live at the Fillmore"
The tour in the fall of 1970 that followed the release
of the "Layla" album featured some of the most
amazing guitar work on the planet---next to Hendrix.

#2 "Layla"
The emotion, the passion, 25 year old EC at his best.

#3 "One More Car, One More Rider"
2001 Tour on CD & DVD, EC still the best at 56.

#4 "24 Nights"
Live tracks from the 1991 Royal Albert Hall gigs,
excellent sound on the video as well.

#5 "Disraeli Gears"
This 1967 Cream classic changed a generation of music.

#6 "Wheels of Fire"
Half studio, half live, "Crossroads"
played at 1/2 speed educated the
next generation of guitarists.

#7 "Money and Cigarettes"
EC's 1983 comeback album. The music is as good as the cover.